Don’t Point That Thing at Me: The Mortdecai Trilogy, Book 1, by Kyril Bonfiglioli. Big Screen Limited Release of Book-to-Movie: Mortdecai, was on 01-23-15!
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The first book of The Mortdecai Trilogy, is Don’t  Point That Thing at Me. Book 2, is After You With The Pistol, and Book 3, Something Nasty in the  Woodshed. The trilogy, The Mortdecai Trilogy, may also be purchased in the paperback format, apt- ly enough, under the title, The Mortdecai Trilogy.[1] Book Review by: Sharon Powers.    Don’t Point That Thing At Me, by Kyril Bonfiglioli had movie rights purchased and was made into a movie that opened in theaters this week, Friday, January 23, 2015. The movie, entitled simply, Mortdecai, from the name of the protagonist of Kyril Bonfiglioli’s book, is very loosely based upon Bonfiglioli’s book.       Many changes were made in order to adapt the book to the silver screen. Writing the screenplay for Mortdecai, was Eric Aronson, who also received writing credits for the movie, On The Line. Directing the movie was David Koepp, notable director of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit; Angels and Demons; Spider Man; Jurassic Park; The Lost World: Jurassic Park; Carlito’s Way; Stir of Echoes, and many other popular movies.      Before we delve any more into the book-to-movie, both book and film, let’s take a look at the synopsis for Kyril Bonfiglioli’s book….

The World Made Straight: A Novel by Ron Rash–Book-to-Movie–Out Now in Limited Release!
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This is the movie edition cover of Ron Rash’s novel, The World Made Straight.  [1] Book Review by: Sharon Powers.      It was reported that on, “Jan. 18, 1863, troops from the 64th North Carolina Infantry under the command of Lt. Col. James Keith lined up 13 men and boys, ranging in age from 13 to 60, made them kneel and shot them at point-blank range.” One of the captured was a 13-year-old boy by the name of David Shelton. [2]       Before being shot, the boy pleaded with his captors saying, “You have killed my father and brothers. You have shot my father in the face. Do not shoot me in the face.” The soldiers fired, killing four more of the captives, and wounding young David in both arms.  [3]    David then, in close proximity to one of the executioners, grabbed the soldier by the legs and cried out, “You have killed my old father and three brothers, you have shot me in both arms….I forgive you all this–I can get well….Let me go home to my mother and sisters.” [2]      Though his cries were pitiful, the soldiers hauled David back to the firing line next…

Lucy Stone: An Unapologetic Life by Sally G. McMillen–New Biography Book Release–Date: 01-29-15
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[1] Book Review by: Sharon Powers.      I came home from grade school so excited because our teacher had read to us today about a woman who had lived during the time of the Civil War. Her name was Elizabeth Blackwell, and she was the very first woman to become a doctor in the United States. What had so enthralled me as a grade school girl was just how much determination she had.       My teacher told us that Elizabeth Blackwell had to apply over and over again to get into medical school and even then her struggles didn’t end. She steadfastly kept her goal in sight and determined nothing would stop her–including some men who didn’t want to see a woman in the medical profession. It seems the men at that time thought that women belonged at home, taking care of the children. I thought that she was an extraordinary woman and came to admire her greatly. Lucy Stone giving a speech. [2]      As I began reading Lucy Stone’s story, I began learning many things about her. Things, I thought, that seemed similar to what Elizabeth Blackwell had gone through. No. Lucy Stone didn’t become a…

Wool The Graphic Novel Omnibus by Hugh Howey
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[1] Book Review by: Sharon Powers.     Hugh Howey’s journey began quietly enough when he decided to self-publish his thriller/post apocalyptic serial novel on Amazon in 2011. Originally, Howey published Wool as a serial publication consisting of five parts. Howey was unprepared for the huge success he would meet as his novel became one of Amazon’s leading sellers and made over a million dollars. [Nerdist, Dan Casey, June 4, 2014.] [2] This is the full novel (an omnibus), withall five parts collected into one edition.The novel is sold in hardcover, paper-back, unabridged (Audible) audio edi-tion, or as an audiobook. Wool OmnibusEdition (Wool 1-5) Silo Series [4].      According to Casey, it was not long before Howey’s successful book attracted attention from mainstream publishers looking to capitalize on the already successful book, apparently, to parlay it into a huge draw (similar to The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins). Howey surprised everyone by not giving in to tempting offers that would see his book rights disappear–Howey finally garnered a deal where he was paid well, but one which allowed him to keep the book rights (e-book). [2]      One of the most exciting new developments for Hugh Howey is that he has, according to…